No-Show Policy

IVT ACCESS is the ADA paratransit service within Imperial County. The Imperial County Transportation Commission (ICTC) has developed the following policy and administrative process for addressing no-shows and late cancellations. Subpart F, Section 37.125 of the ADA Complementary Paratransit Guidelines provides that a public transit service provider entity may suspend the provision of paratransit service to ADA eligible individuals who establish a pattern or practice of excessive no shows and/or late cancellations.

Individuals with No-Shows/Late Cancellations shall be sanctioned or suspended from service according to the following guidelines. Because the service provided by IVT ACCESS is so important to many people, we must enforce a suspension policy to ensure that trip resources are available to everyone. 

No Show

A “No-show” shall be recognized as an ADA eligible person who fails to appear; fails to board the vehicle, and/or use his/her scheduled transportation within the standard “ready window.” The ready window is the 30 minute time frame the passenger has been advised by dispatchers to be ready for their trip. The bus is required to wait up to 5 minutes for an individual upon arrival within the ready window. If a rider calls within 30 minutes of a scheduled pickup time to cancel his or her trip, the cancellation will be counted as a “no-show.” 

Late Cancellation

A “Late Cancellation” shall be recognized as an ADA eligible person who fails to cancel the appointment for pick-up at least four (4) hours before the scheduled pick-up time. 

In the event of a “No-show,” IVT ACCESS will automatically cancel any previously scheduled return trips for that rider for that day.


After the 1st occurrence IVT Access Staff will contact the rider and document the phone call notifying the rider of their 1st incurred no show. Staff will also explain that further no shows could result in temporary suspension of services.

After the 2nd occurrence a letter will be mailed to the rider notifying them of their 2nd incurred no-show. IVT ACCESS will also contact the rider by phone to explain the consequences of a 3rd no show.

The 3rd occurrence incurred in a calendar month will result in a two week (14 Day) suspension of services for the rider. ICTC will send a letter of notification to include all no-show dates. 


During suspension of ADA Paratransit Service, ICTC shall take the following steps:

  • Notify the individual in writing that ICTC is suspending their service

  • The suspension will cite with specificity the basis of the proposed suspension and setting forth the proposed sanction.

  • Provide written notification and guidance on the ICTC ADA Paratransit No Show and Late Cancellation Policy Appeals Process


Any passenger who incurs a “No-show” may contact IVT ACCESS management in order to discuss having a no-show removed due to a circumstance which was beyond the rider’s control. The appeals process policy is also available to any person wishing to formally appeal any “No-shows” incurred.