In response to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), IVT ACCESS was created in 1994 and offers this service for individuals who have physical or cognitive disabilities that cannot use the regular, fixed-route, bus system - Imperial Valley Transit.

IVT ACCESS offers security and independence through an advanced reservation curb-to-curb transportation service with wheelchair lifts for mobility disadvantaged persons that have completed a certification and eligibility process.

Rider Eligibility

Eligibility is determined by 3 Factors: an individual’s ability to get to/from the fixed route bus stop; an individual’s ability to board/exit the bus; and an individual’s ability to navigate the fixed-route system.

Please visit our rider Eligibility page for more information.


IVT Access has great service and awesome drivers. I have used the service for the past five years and they have been very accommodating to my needs.
— Lisa B.
I’m thankful for IVT Access services and appreciate the attention drivers pay to riders.
— Alejandro D.
I’m completely satisfied with the service. If not for IVT Access I don’t know how I would get to where I need to be.
— Heather B.
I’d like to thank the drivers for being attentive to riders and best wishes to all IVT Access employees.
— Fernando A.
IVT Access is a perfect 10 service and the dispatchers are the best!
— Maria R.
I’m thankful for this service.
— Ferdinando A.