IVT ACCESS was created in response to the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). IVT ACCESS offers this service for individuals who have physical or cognitive disabilities and cannot use the regular, fixed-route bus system.

Eligibility is determined by 3 Factors: an individual’s ability to get to and from a fixed route bus stop; an individual’s ability to board/exit the bus; and an individual’s ability to navigate the fixed-route system.

  1. Review the initial Self Assessment or call ICTC's Mobility Coordination staff at 760-592-4494.  

  2. Call for initial self assessment and ask yourself if this service is right for you. Then if it is, request to have an application and medical verification mailed to you. 

  3. Fill out the application and have a medical practitioner complete the medical verification form.

Once the application and medical verification form is completed.  Please call the ICTC office to schedule an interview with the ADA certification coordinator.  Please inform, us if you will require any accommodations due to your disability. We can pick you up and drop you off for your appointment in one of our buses, this roundtrip is free of charge.

At your interview. We just have a few questions to ask about your functional ability. You will be notified of your eligibility status within 21 days of your interview.


The ADA Certification Coordinator may deny certification if the individual is able to ride the fixed-route system and/or the medical care provider cannot confirm the individual’s disability.


An individual has the right to appeal the following decisions:

  1. Determination that an individual is not eligible for ADA paratransit service

  2. Conditions placed on eligibility

  3. Denial of a particular trip request

  4. Suspension of service

  5. No Show

Appeal Process

The following guidelines will be adhered to by the individual who chooses to contest the denial of eligibility:

  1. Appeals will be accepted in written form only

  2. Appeals can be accepted from a parent agency on behalf of a disabled client

  3. Appeals will be accepted for up to sixty (60) days after the date on the denial letter

  4. If the certifying agency and the party initiating the appeal can not arrive at a mutually satisfactory arrangement, then the certifying agency will take the necessary steps to take the appeal to the higher authority

  5. If a mutually satisfactory arrangement can not be reached, then the appeal will be taken to either the Americans with Disabilities Act Advisory Committee (ADAAC) or the Imperial County Transportation Commission (ICTC), which ever entity is meeting first. In all cases the ICTC will be the final governing authority.

  6. If an appeal has not been decided within thirty (30) days, presumptive eligibility applies until a final decision is reached.

Please send written appeals to:

    ADA Certification Coordinator
    1503 N Imperial Ave, Ste 104
    El Centro, CA 92243

Visitors and Reciprocity

Residency is not required in a service area of the existing transit system in order to take 
advantage of the paratransit service.

Reciprocal eligibility will be provided to individuals who are certified by another transit system.  This eligibility will be observed for the condition as certified as well as any other conditions that are valid in the visited system.

Proof of certification and proof of non-resident status will be required prior to utilizing the paratransit service. In the event that certification is not immediately available, presumptive eligibility will be allowed for disabilities that are apparent. Presumptive eligibility will be granted for twenty-one (21) days of service (non-consecutive) over a 365 day period.

It is requested that all visitors contact the ADA Certification Coordinator before they begin utilizing IVT ACCESS.  Individuals are required to apply for certification if they plan to use the service for more than the twenty-one (21) days. It is recommended that individuals apply immediately for certification and use presumptive eligibility until the certification is processed.